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This is an informative website about Japan.

Our Story

We launched our company at the dawn of the Internet, believing that it is especially necessary to know and understand diverse values in the development of the Internet society, which is becoming borderless and diverse with the spread of the Internet.

In the 20th century, scenes of Japan and Japanese people were represented in Hollywood movies in a way that Japanese people felt very uncomfortable with.

If correct information is disseminated and misinformation is reduced, conflicts caused by lack of understanding can be avoided and a better society can be created.
Of course, will continue to publish interesting and serious topics in a way that will be appreciated by many people.

About Our Company is a website dedicated to bringing you news about Japanese subcultures, run by the NPO AntenneFrance.

AntenneFrance was founded with the main purpose of introducing a perspective other than the Anglo-American-centric information society by bringing information from France and other European countries to Japan.

On the other hand, we also aim to introduce Japan’s unique perspectives and values to the rest of the world.

The AntenneFrance logo looks like an Eiffel Tower motif, but it is actually a representation of the Tokyo Tower and the Eiffel Tower, and is meant to be a bridge between these two countries.


Traditional Japanese information.

The president of our corporation is a well-known shrine and temple charm researcher who has published and appeared on TV many times.

Real Engagement

Sub Culture

Japanese subcultures are famous all over the world, especially anime. I think the information has already been raided by various fans, but there is much more to it than that.

Unique Stories

Unique Stories

Traditional culture and subcultures may be known through the media, but what kind of country is Japan?