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I have been creating and disseminating websites since the early days of the Internet, and I must say that cooperation with the media is extremely important. My involvement with the media began when my personal website was featured in the Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun, back when there were not many search engines.

Since then, I have been featured frequently in magazines, radio, and newspapers, and have come to be regarded as a leading figure in this field.

All of my projects, including French culture promotion, Japanese culture promotion, and web system development, have been covered by the media without fail.

The most read news site in Japan is Yahoo! If you are featured on this site, you will earn explosive page views. Not only have I been featured here many times, but I have had the second highest number of hits on my articles.

If you want to issue a press release for Japan, this is the basic of press releases that you should read.

The information was featured in the published media

Media exposure for publication

Status of works featured on Amazon (Japanese)

My Profile (Japanese)
Keep in mind, if you mention that he appeared on the national prime-time TV program “Matsuko’s Unknown World,” one of the most famous programs in Japan that surprises everyone, the local TV station “Pierre Taki’s Shonin TV,” the most watched program in the local market.

Book Sales Rankings

We have published three paperbacks so far, all of which have taken first place in their genre ranking charts. It was about five years ago, so I couldn’t find an image. Below is a captured image of the rankings published on Kindle.

Media coverage in six months of smartphone app development.

Since the release of our first iPhone application in March 2023, most of our applications have been introduced and ranked high on one of Japan’s largest application introduction sites.

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