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To distribute press releases on a regular basis

I explained that sending a press release once or twice would not get us into the media as much as we would like.

But sending a press release is not just about announcing a new service or product.

  • Matters related to products, services, and businesses
  • Information about the company
  • Research and study results

Press releases can be broadly divided into these three categories. The corporate information section is for publicly listed companies. Many people are not interested in the other two, as they want to be introduced to the company’s products. However, I think that the ones worth receiving from reporters are those related to the results of surveys and research.

You may think that you have to be a big company to do research and surveys. However, it is possible to gather quite valuable information if you make use of your own business field.

Survey Results Needs

Not just any survey results will do. The content needs to be current. The results of the survey should be current, because they will be published as part of a news story. The media will want to use the data if they can obtain data that supports or even overturns the conclusions that can be drawn now.

For example, let’s say there is a global economic crisis such as the Lehman Shock. Is the employment rate of college graduates increasing, and will companies increase or decrease their hiring of new graduates? Any outcome has news value.

If you operate a social networking account that college students frequent, you may be able to ascertain this by taking a survey of your followers. If you deal with many companies and have access to their HR departments, you may be able to survey their trends as well.

Relevance to the company’s business

No matter how much research is possible, if it is not related to your main business, it will not be authoritative, and you will not be able to use it to develop your business later. The results of the research must be relevant to your company’s services.

Views on Research and Studies

When issuing such a press release, the data should be graphically presented. Visual clarity is especially important for television. Also, the media will not pick up the results if you just list the results. It must be analyzed and concluded.

Advantages and disadvantages of press releases of research findings

There are no direct advantages since it does not directly introduce the product. However, it is a great advantage to be featured in the media on a regular basis in order to increase corporate visibility. It can be included in your company’s brochures, etc., and can be used by salespeople and others to add to the conversation.

You will gradually get a feel for what kind of stories are likely to be covered in the media. It is difficult to release a product that becomes the talk of the town, but if you can score a series of small hits, you can score points.

However, there is a downside. Reporters are human beings. They will see right through such press releases. They will see through the content and research that you just want to be featured. If they feel strongly about it, some reporters will reflexively not handle it.

Be careful not to make conclusions that are too convoluted, overdone research results, or overly targeted content, as these are likely to be disliked.

Press Release Topics

Matters related to products, services, and businesses

  • Announcement of new products or services
  • Renewal of existing products or services
  • Achievements of existing products and services
  • Resale or revival of products and services
  • Conducting campaigns
  • Holding or exhibiting at events or seminars
  • Launch of advertisements, commercials, and promotions

Matters related to corporate information

  • Business alliances and business partnerships
  • Personnel and employment information
  • Corporate Information
  • Partnerships and Agreements
  • Fundraising / Listing
  • Overseas Expansion / Withdrawal

Survey Results/Research Results

  • Attitude Survey
  • Fact-finding Survey

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