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Stone Buddhas in the Seibu Yanagisawa area that are well managed.

In Tokyo, there are stone monuments of the Koshin statues, but there are also many other Buddhist statues.

In this article, I would like to introduce some of the Buddha statues I found when I visited Tanashi Shrine and Higashi Fushimi Inari from Seibu Yanagisawa. Of course, there were many more than this.

A rare hexagonal Jizo. Jizo has something to do with the number 6, doesn’t it?
Like the Six Jizo.
This stone Buddha is a Jizo with a hexagonal stone pillar.

It’s very rare to see this, but it’s also rare to see prayers for prosperity of descendants, traffic safety, and business prosperity.

It is also interesting to see a cactus attached to it.
The flowers are new, so we can see that the neighbors are taking good care of them.

Is this a Koshinto?
There is a western style gate and electric lights.

The flowers are also new here, and there is a place to put money and other offerings.
It is well maintained.

It’s nice to have a statue of Buddha with deep-rooted faith like this on the road.