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The new era, Reiwa, is set to begin. Shrines associated with plum blossoms

The new year’s name has been decided as “Reiwa”.
It’s like New Year’s when you watch TV.

Immediately after the announcement, I thought, “What? I thought, “What?”, but after a while, I thought it sounded good.

When the Heisei era was announced, there was a sense of discomfort, but now “Heisei” is familiar and there is no sense of discomfort. Perhaps the new era will also be suitable for “Heiseiwa”.

The source of the word “Heisei” is said to be from a Japanese poem about plum blossoms in the Manyoshu.

In an article I wrote just a few days ago, it seems that in the days of the Man’yoshu, flowers were plum blossoms, and cherry blossoms were not yet the representative flower of Japan.

Speaking of plum blossoms, this is the plum blossoms at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

This is Umemiya Taisha Shrine. The shrine is dedicated to Oyamazumi, the god of sake.

It’s April, so I guess the plum blossoms are over.
“The plum blossoms are probably over since it is April.
I think I can visit these shrines while thinking of the following.